5 Questions to ask before contracting a CRM System specialist

5 Questions to ask before contracting a CRM System specialist

Looking To Set Up Your Client Relationship Management System?

If you’re looking to hire a client relationship specialist, it means you’re ready to hand the reins over to an expert to map and design their perfect system setup for your business, so you can finally have more space on that calendar to focus on what you love doing and let the power of automation do the manual administrative tasks.

As a business owner, you’ve realized that a CRM can help you collect and handle leads, organize and speed up your sales process, monitor and analyze your team’s performance, manage all of your communications across different platforms, and do all of this while remaining fully mobile.

Real Importance Of CRM Specialists!

In today’s business world, the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems cannot be overstated. A CRM system can help businesses stay in touch with customers, reduce manual or redundant procedures, and boost profits.

As a result, CRM experts can assist with many CRM-related issues. Seeking the help of a professional with a CRM background makes good financial sense in the long term.

It enables businesses to work more effectively with existing clients, increasing satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty. It also generates revenue by interacting with new clients. Higher efficiency, creativity, and profitability are advantages of an effective CRM system.

But how to find the best CRM expert?

When finding the best CRM expert for your company, you must first identify the problems you’re trying to solve.

Whether you’re looking for a Certified Dubsado Expert, Honeybook or 17Hats Pro, or any specialist for the CRM you’re using for your business, the following questions I’ll provide below will be beneficial for you to determine who is the best fit to work with you.

Here are 5 Questions to ask before contracting a CRM System specialist

1. What Experience do they have with the tool(s) they are using?

There are tons of CRMs, project management systems, and bookkeeping tools out there! They all have distinct features that will benefit your business depending on what you need. This is when the tool expertise comes into play! There is a big learning curve to get familiar with a system such as Dubsado, Honeybook, Sprout Studio, or any other CRM alternative.

You want to make sure the specialist you’re hiring knows the ins, outs, and best practices of systems setups in a specific CRM. This may include finding out how long they have been using the system. Chances are, they are also keeping up with any updates to the technology, a benefit in the long run.

2. What is their process for this project?

If you’re looking to hire someone who will help you map your clients’ journey and processes to make your business run smoothly, they better implement that for their services as well, don’t you agree?

It is definitely a green flag when a CRM specialist provides you with a transparent step-by-step process to follow and concrete outcomes of what you’ll get for a CRM setup service.

Having a strategy and a process in place for obtaining the desired outcomes is crucial. A consultant for strategic planning should demonstrate a way to achieve this, but with the knowledge that this may need to be adjusted along the way.

3. Do they understand my business model and objectives?

Your system specialist will be structuring and implementing the system to support your unique business model and objectives; therefore, they must have clarity on the services you offer, such as your packages and the pricing structure for each of your packages, so that your payment reminders automation is adequately set up and on point!

It’s important to remember that the meaning of the phrase “customer relationship management” (CRM) varies from industry to industry.

If you want the job done right, your prospective CRM consultant expert should have a solid grasp of your specific niche requirements, both theoretically and practically. 

Once onboard, a knowledgeable CRM specialist will provide good spillovers from combining their technology and client experience expertise to deliver a customized solution targeted toward a satisfying service for your business.

4. Do they apply a strategy as part of their service?

Great CRM specialists have a good grasp of the tactical aspects of their work.

They assist you and other decision-makers design a strategy based on their knowledge and experience. Through a “Gap Analysis,” the gap between where you are now and wherever you want to be in your business is eliminated.


Implementing a CRM strategy alters your approach to sales and marketing, and it provides you with tried-and-true methods for success.

And guess what? 

Your clients will reap the benefits of your innovations, making your business more challenging to compete with.

Hear me on this!

An efficient and congruent CRM setup requires strategic thinking and a detailed client mapping journey mapping and analysis, so the entire system is genuinely aligned to your clients’ Experience, pain points, and needs.

A CRM specialist should be able to accurately set up your workflows, nurtured with templates that will prevent you from reinventing the wheel, and bring a consultative approach when there are areas of opportunities to enhance and simplify your client process.

5. How do we or our values align?

It is essential to explore if your values align with theirs when hiring a specialist. The value alignment is crucial because it will help the two of you work together more efficiently and productively in the long term. When the values are aligned, it will be easier for both parties to produce quality work that they are proud of.

In Closing

System Specialists are tasked with developing and implementing business systems that support the organization’s objectives. They are responsible for the design, development, testing, and implementation of these systems.

The ultimate goal is to increase client retention and acquisition, make your business run more efficiently and give you back your time.

We need to hire experts in our strategic planning to get the most out of a CRM platform. The company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability will all improve due to this.

Team management, data security management, and compliance are all aided by a well-implemented CRM specialist.