Hi there, I'm Sophia

it's lovely to meet you!

I empower creative business owners to concentrate on their expertise and growing their business, rather than the administrative tasks that take away time and energy.

You’re probably really busy devoting tons of your time tending to your dream clients’ needs, weeding through countless administrative tasks and emails, and wrapping up pesky business tasks that by the time you lay your head down at night, you’re exhausted – and you haven’t even conjured up tomorrow’s list of endless to-do’s.

It’s time to wake up and get unstuck!

 You’ve probably heard about automation tech, but with all of the options out there, you might not know where to begin. Or, if you’re like so many of my clients, you simply don’t have the time to even think about the process of setting up another business management solution. Don’t even mention the added stress of one more item on your to-do list.

But, what if there was someone out there who could just…do it all for you? Someone like – me.

See, as a businessowner, I too once experienced what every businessowner does when growing a business – an overwhelming amount of administrative, back-end business tasks that took up way more of my time than they should have. I operated a client-oriented business, so why was I spending all of my time focusing on things that weren’t…well – my clients?

Then, I discovered Dubsado – the administration and client management technology that has the power to organize back-end business tasks, client profiles, and projects all in one easy and convenient system. Within a week I created templates, setup workflows, and automations that allowed me to onboard new clients on autopilot, even while I’m away.  

I want to do share this amazingness with you.

My Mission:

I strive to equip designers and expert service-based entrepreneurs, just like you, with an authentically streamlined and automated client process, so you can increase your conversions, focus on revenue generation, and turn your attention back to your clients.

My Core Values:

I started my business for one main reason – to use my gifts in a more impactful way. Helping others is an innate quality I have always possessed.

My strong passion for helping others succeed in business is evident in my extensive professional background, providing high-level support to executives managing teams in various industries.


I get utmost fulfilment in sharing my talents and abilities in a way that benefits the lives of others.

My background working in hospitality taught me the power of delivering exceptional service to clients and customers, and the importance of developing strong emotional intelligence. 


I live by honesty and being consistent with my actions. These values transcends to my business and with my clients as well.

Quality Work

It is important for me to present a complete product that is prepared with careful and optimal effort, fit for purpose and exceeds client expectations.

Fun Facts About Me

⛹🏾I'm the boy mom who gets on all the park rides
🚗 I road tripped the entire East Coast
🎧 Audiobooks are my obsession
✈️ I love to travel...is there a beach?😍

Just Imagine....

Client Testimonials

What my clients say...

  • “Sophia was a pleasure to work with. She was knowledgeable in Dubsado and created a functional workflow to assist in the automation of some of our business processes. Throughout the duration of the project, she was professional, communicative, and flexible. Her client-focused approach ensured timely delivery of a product that certainly met our expectations.”

    Raven S.

    Keynote Speaker

  • “Sophia was a pleasure to work with. She nailed it! I do appreciate that I was looking for a Dubsado expert and she was actually an expert in the software. She kept every deadline and had great attention to detail. I am more than satisfied with the final product and if you need Dubsado work done, she is your girl!”

    Chevon H.

    Virtual Assistant

  • “Working with Sophia is allowing me to buy back my time. Before I felt like I was in a hoarders episode with my processes, but now I'm able to feel more efficient. Not only does she understand Dubsado but process improvement is her zone of genius.”

    Christele P.

    Website Design and Event Support Agency

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